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A little over a week later, Billie heard the news that John and the gang were in a deadly shootout on April 22nd. John's gang had needed a place to meet and make plans for future operations. St. Paul was too hot, so they decided on a lake lodge near Mercer, Wisconsin. They started arriving at the Little Bohemia Lodge on the afternoon of the 20th. After a tip, Federal agents, led by Melvin Purvis, raided the place on Sunday, April 22nd. The gang shot their way out killing one officer and wounding two others. John had he escaped from an upper window of the lodge. The guys escaped but 3 of their girlfriends were left behind during the shooting and were quickly arrested.

By May 1st Evelyn had already been transferred to St. Paul. John was anxious for news on her situation. Two weeks went by before he heard anything. Piquett had been in St. Paul with Evelyn for her trial. She sent a note for him to give to O'Leary to pass on to John. For fear he would be killed, she had been sending him messages trying to persuade him not to try to rescue her from jail. If convicted she assured him that she would have no trouble serving her time knowing that he would be waiting for her release.

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