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She had a story to tell and she did. She was a survivor. Evelyn told of her experiences, answered questions, signed autographs and even posed for pictures along side of a wax replica of Dillinger lying dead beside her on a table.

J. Edgar Hoover began to receive communications from several sources in regards to Evelyn's performances. One dated April, 8, 1937 from Frank Heath, Executive Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce of Camden, South Carolina showing concerns over her making an appearance in the show there. He wanted to know if she was the real Miss Frechette or a fraud.

Another was one of Evelyn's pamphlets "Public Enemies - U.S. War on Crime" sent to Hoover by FBI agent J.B. Drury. Hoover thanked them but didn't show any concern over her traveling with the group.

Evelyn stayed with the show until 1941 before moving back home to the Menominee reservation.

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