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April 9th John and Billie arrived in Chicago and arranged for a meeting with Arthur O'Leary. They met up with him around 3 in the afternoon at the corner of Sacramento Ave. and Augusta Blvd. Johnny asked about Piquett who was in Washington at the time. He told him that he would bring Piquett some money for him to arrange for a doctor who did plastic surgery. John was tired of running and wanted to live a normal life and marry Billie. When the meeting was over John called his friend Larry Strong about finding them a secure hideout. Unaware that his friend had turned informer, he and Billie drove to Larry's State & Austin

Tavern. Billie was to go in side first and let John know if the coast was clear. Before she could step back out and do so she was grabbed inside by federal officers and arrested. John saw what was going on and knowing there was nothing he could do, he painfully drove away. It was the last time the two would ever lay eyes on each other. Within minutes John was on the phone with O'Leary to get Piquett on board to get Billie released.

Billie mocked the agents telling them that John had been inside tavern watching them and walked right by without them ever noticing. This was the last time Billie and her beloved Johnnie would ever lay eyes on each other again. She was handcuffed and carried over to their office in the State Bank Building for interrogation. John immediately made arrangements to get Piquett on board for Billie's defense. Tuesday morning, agents Harold Reinecke and Murray Faulkner arrived to take over the interrogation. The next two days, Billie was denied food and sleep and suffered abuse at the hand of Reinecke.

While all of this is going on John is out robbing the Warsaw, Indiana Police station of 4 bullet proof vests and 2 revolvers and ammo on April 12th.

Accusations of Billie's outrageous treatment were later brought up by her attorney A. Jerome Hoffman during the harboring trial two weeks later in St. Paul. As soon as John heard news of the abuse that Billie was suffering, he swore Reinecke would pay with his life.

Billie's arraignment was on Friday, April 13th. She went before Commissioner Walker with Louis Piquett as representation. Bond was originally set at $200,000.00 until Piquett protested and the bond was lowered to $60,000.00, neither of which John could afford. John met up with O'Leary the next day to see if he would find out details on Billie's transfer to St. Paul hoping to spring her. On their second meeting, O'Leary claimed he couldn't find out anything. In actuality he made no attempt since he and Piquett wanted no involvement in such a plan. John asked him to find out of Piquett would go with her to St. Paul to represent her.

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